Friday, March 5, 2010

Bibliography Advice from Elinor

* Look carefully at your web source before you select a format to build your citation from. You may need to click around (About Us, FAQ, Contact, etc.) to learn whether you are looking at a website or a magazine, and if a magazine whether it is also available in print or only an e-zine. Each type of source is cited a little differently.
* Check your titles for incorrect capitalization. MLA requires proper upper and lower-case capitalization, so tweak as needed once you have cut and pasted your title (article or publication) into the web form. Even if an article title is in a database or online with all lower-case letters, you still need to capitalize correctly in MLA format.

We have both the Handbook and the Style Manual behind the reference desk should you need them.

Across from the reference desk, in the rack, are blue handouts: “MLA Advanced in Noodlebib” and “MLA Citation Style Guide.”

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